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Non abbastanza tempo (+)

Prodotto nel 2011 durata 6' 25''

Realizzazione di: Alex Rowbotham
Altri collaboratori: Dan Rowbotham, Silvia Tiso,
Fotografi, artisti grafici: Fondazione di ricerca sulla meningite (UK), varie agenzie online, membri della famiglia, Alex Rowbotham
Audio: "Pia Madre" Orchestrato e diretto da Sandro Di Stefano, Voci di Marizio Busato e Dan Rowbotham

Inspired by a poem of the same title, a collection of words by Daniel Rowbotham following the loss of his daughter in 2008. When asked about the apparent hidden meanings, he replied:

“I had been guided to write everything down, as my head was in a mess. It was the time when Beren was in the chapel of rest around the corner at the undertakers. I woke with a start, sat up scribbled, crashed back into deep sleep. This happened again not long after, the result is the words printed on the sheet unaltered, unedited. It is remarkable that you have found such fantastic meanings in them.”

This is a multivision (often also called multi-image or audio visual). Created as a personal work dedicated to my niece. I used Wings Platinum 4 as the final production tool.

It is dedicated to my niece, Beren Rowbotham, who at the age of ten lost her fight against meningitis (meningococcal septicaemia). The opening title was written by her older sister Cendl.

First screened – Fantadia Festival 2011, Asolo, Italy.
Even though the audience paid for tickets for the whole screening session, a donation box outside the theatre also collected 230 Euro. This was put towards the sponsorship of the 1000 mile tandem bike ride from Hereford (UK) to Vierzon (France) 18th June 2011. This helped raise awareness and funding for further research in fighting Menigitis.

Also screened at:
LANA LIGHTS 2015 (Lana)
DIA FESTIVAL 2014 (Meldola)
HDAV Open Air 2012 (Baden-Württemberg)

A special thanks to all of those who helped. For their generosity in donating their time, energy and support for free, without much notice and with a tight schedule. I shall remain eternally grateful to them.

Original music – Sandro Di Stefano
IGS multimedia company (Ceccano, IT)
Italian voice – Maurizio Busato
Voice recording -Federico Pelle
Translations – Silvia Tiso

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